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UK Seminars

Our UK based seminars gives your students the opportunity to step outside the classroom and focus on specific topics for their subjects. 

Students will have a chance to hear from leading experts in their fields, participate in a series of engaging workshops and will develop their confidence and presentation skills when they have the opportunity to present what they have learnt. 

The exciting opportunity to interact with subject and industry experts means they are able to gain unique insights into their subjects to support their learning further, inspire their future studies and even plan their future career paths. 

Based in the UK they are close and accessible for all budgets and with 1 and 2 day options they don't too much time out of school. 


Earth Summit 2022 is a 2-day event, that will provide students with a chance to take part in a wide-ranging examination of the factors causing Climate Change, the effects it is having on biodiversity and how we all could live more sustainably at home, at school and in the community.




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