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Top 6 Benefits of Performing for Live Audiences

“When children are encouraged to express themselves through art, they develop a sense of innovation that extends into their adult lives”.

We already know the diverse benefits of learning outside the classroom, but how specifically does performing for live audiences benefit students in the performing arts?

Well we have taken a look into how live performing practically benefits your students, including how it supports and enriches their learning inside the classroom. So if you are curious, take look at our top 6 list below…

Develops individual’s confidence and builds teamwork

Performing for a live audience can be daunting for us all, which is exactly why it’s important to practice, practice, practice! For students that are more comfortable performing for large audiences, the opportunity will build on their existing experience. While those less experienced will benefit from the buzz of performing for a live audience and keep growing their confidence step by step. It is a win-win for everyone.

Sharpens practical skills and ability to play for large audiences

It can be easier to miss little snags during regular practice, but performing for a live audience has an acute way of bringing this little hitches to the forefront. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it is also a great way realise your collaborative strengths that may not emerge as intensely during regular practice. Plus, it is a great chance to bond as a team and create amazing memories together.

Boosts quick-thinking and improvisation skills

Performing for live audiences also teaches children self-reliance and quick-thinking. We all know that live performances can differ drastically from show to show, whether it’s by audience, time of day or location. Therefore, live performances are a brilliant way to get students to think on their feet and learn how to improvise to suit the changing conditions.

Creates unforgettable experiences performing in iconic venues

Our Performing Arts trips are a fantastic way for your students to grow in confidence, make great memories and perform at some of the most iconic live venues in London and Paris. Whether it is the stunning St Paul’s Church at Covent Garden in London, to performing for an international audience at Disneyland® Paris, our tailored trips offer invaluable experiences for budding Performing Arts students.

Promotes creative thinking and self-expression

Live performances are an excellent opportunity for self-expression. Your students sense of creative-fulfilment and self-expression are amplified during live performances, helping them focus in on the present moment. It is also powerful for your students to translate what they have learnt in practice to a live performance, with an opportunity to showcase their creativity and technical skills to a living breathing audience.

Encourages empathy and compassion

The creativity involved in performing arts extends to emotional creativity. It encourages students to find new ways of seeing the world and in group settings, there is much less of a focus on winning and losing. Instead, live performances demands working together as a team and striving toward a collective goal.

If you are interesting in booking a performing arts trips to London or Disneyland Paris, contact a member of our team today.