Studying Health & Social Care at Disneyland® Paris

In the UK, Health and Social Care is a term that relates to services engaged by health and social care providers. This is a generic term used to refer to the whole of the healthcare provision infrastructure, public and private sector.  Depending on their qualification, students may start off as care assistants and develop care pathways to become doctors, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, counsellors, psychotherapists, paramedics or a range of other related occupations.

You may consider Disneyland® Paris a strange place to learn about Health and Social Care. Let’s see how it works.

Parades and shows; street theatre, night time AV and firework events; character meet and greets, are all part of the daily routine that have attracted over 320 million guests since the Resort opened in 1992. It requires around 16,000 Cast Members (employees) annually to operate successfully. Disneyland® Paris has an obligation to both guests and Cast Members to ensure their needs are met, whether through communication of information guests with special needs or active recruitment of those with impairments.

This makes it the perfect case study for many topics within the Health and Social Care programme for 14-18 year old students.

Our Health and Social Care School Trips

During the unique Study Experiences seminars and workshops students will see interviews filmed with senior management on how they face health and social care issues daily. Subjects range from meeting individual needs, diet and nutrition through to working with children and human resources.

The first seminar, Meeting Individual Needs, begins with a brief introduction to Disneyland® Paris; students are then introduced to the work of the resort’s accessibility teams through facilities for the impaired and the effects a theme park on the human body.

We then look at the importance of meeting physical needs such as diet and nutrition, food safety and personal values. We close the session by looking at the medical facilities available on site for both guests and Cast Members.

Disney Cast Members participating on video include Eric Cosset, Director of Park Operations, Product Integration and Development; Senior Ride Engineer Mike Kent and Bruno Fournet, HR Director, Health and Safety.

They are joined by French nationals living with impairments who have kindly given up their time to be interviewed on how their lives are affected by accessibility. Their videos are subtitled; however, transcriptions are given in the Student Workbook and available on site.

First Workshop

Students then take part in a Health and Social Care Workshop that provides a practical, fun, opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to a real-life task with a strong subject bias – to design an attraction specifically for guests with special needs.

Students need to combine their understanding of sound health and social care principles with the practicalities of ensuring the attraction is fit for purpose. A copy of the Disneyland Paris accessibility guide is available for all teams to show those facilities already on site.

At the end of the Workshop teams present their plans to a panel comprising of the facilitator and participating teachers, who ask questions and provide feedback to the team. One of the aims of the workshop is to help develop confident young adults together with working as a team, communicating and meeting a deadline.

Second Workshop

The second seminar, Working with Others, takes us further behind the scenes to see how Cast Members are trained to work with children and the importance of learning through play, particularly creativity and interactivity, physical activity and movement skills.

The second part of the seminar covers human resources, from recruitment, selection and progression, through to equal opportunities, accessibility in the workplace and effective communication.

Cast members appearing on video include Show Director Emanuel Lenormand; Simon Eastell, Team Leader, Guest Services, City Hall and Jean Noel Thiollier, Director of Employment.

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Events take place in November, January/February each year at the Disneyland® Paris. The whole event is supported by a Teacher Education Guide, Student Workbook and optional Assignment booklet. Plenty of opportunities to see health and social care in action, but of course, there’s lots of time to have fun and explore the two parks. To start your journey, request a quote today.