How to Convince Parents about a School Trip to Disneyland® Paris

Are you a teacher planning a school trip to Disneyland® Paris? If so, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and effort researching the destination, balancing the books, and making sure it meets all the objectives for your students’ learning needs.

And now you’ve reached the next step: promoting your school trip to your pupils’ parents.

For those looking for a little inspiration when it comes to convincing parents about the destination of your school trip,  we’ve put together a list of handy hints and tips that are useful when it comes to making that initial contact.

Make sure to mention the educational benefits

All parents care about the educational welfare of their child – and school trips are no different. Parents want to make sure that their child’s education is being considered just as much as when they’re in the classroom.

When it comes to making contact with parents, you want to reinforce that care has been taken to ensure that a pupil’s learning objectives are met during their upcoming trip.

At Study Experiences, we make sure that various areas of curriculums are explored throughout a trip to Disneyland® Paris. Through subject-specific seminars, and exclusive backstage access, children will come away from their time at Disneyland® Paris feeling inspired, and having had an enlightening learning experience. Plus, they will return with a fascinating case study to aid them during upcoming examinations. Any initial communications should make sure to include these facts.

How much is included?

As with any financial decision, parents will want to know exactly where their money is going. So you should make sure to include as much information as possible about what’s included within your trip’s itinerary.

Are accommodation and travel included? How about food? How many days will the students be there? Being as transparent as possible will help parents to make an informed decision about whether to sign their child up.

With Study Experiences, travel, breakfast and accommodation, as well as Disney® Park passes, are all part and parcel of a school trip to Disneyland® Paris. Our team will then talk to you about adding on meal package with a wide variety of restaurants in the Disney® Parks or Disney Village®  – so if you choose this option then make sure to shout about it when talking to parents.

Don’t forget the logistics

Similarly to the above, giving as much information as possible to parents can mean the difference between a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Having all of the information about the trip’s logistics can help to give parents the peace of mind that their child will be well cared for, the trip is well planned, and that their child will find it beneficial as well as fun. At Study Experiences, we take care to ensure that each part of your itinerary is well-planned, from the moment your group is collected from their local pickup point.

Including an example itinerary, or a timeline of the trip, helps to show parents exactly the kind of activities their child will be able to partake in. Whether that’s learning about the construction of a roller coaster, or seeing the behind the scenes workings of this multi-million euro business, you want to make sure parents are aware exactly how special this trip is set to be.

Take a look here for a potential itinerary for your trip to Disneyland® Paris.

Money matters

Although it may seem obvious, make sure to include the price of the trip (as well as payment and deposit terms) in any initial communications to parents. Not only will it help them to establish whether this is something that they want to spend their money on, but highlights exactly how much value for money a trip to Disneyland® Paris offers.

We take care to make sure that each of our trips offers exceptional value for money, and making sure that parents are aware of this fact is essential information for initial communications. Included in the price of the trips is return travel, accommodation, breakfast, Disney® Park Passes, subject-led seminars and workshops, and resources. Take a look at one of our brochures for more information.

See for yourself

At Study Experiences, we’re experts in planning school trips across the world. We make booking your trip easy, and are on hand to help from start to finish.

If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland® Paris, and are looking for a little guidance when it comes to communicating with parents, then we can help.

Simply get in touch and a member of our specialist travel team will be more than happy to help.