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From a Galaxy Far Far Away

From a Galaxy Far Far Away, to heavenly sounds in Covent Garden - The Study Experiences' London Team day out, February 2017

Every now and again it’s useful for us to get out of the office, experience our trips and meet our school parties. It also gives us a chance to visit new attractions in London, which could make it into future itineraries. These days out, or ‘familiarisation trips’ as we call them, really help us to give our tour groups detailed information and advice about what to see, where to go and the easiest way to get there. Plus – we won’t lie – it’s great to get out of the office for the day and enjoy London.

On a rather dismal February day, we headed north-west of Study and Sport Experiences Towers, to the o2 and its new ‘Star Wars Identities’ exhibition –a geek’s delight. Our aim, as stated by the creators of the exhibition, was to ‘get to know the characters of STAR WARS™ on a whole new level’ and to learn a little about ourselves in the process.

The Exhibition was really interactive and great fun, and even though we were only pretending to be big kids – honest –, we all found ourselves very keen to find out which species we’d be in the World of Luke Skywalker – cue me stressing that I was going to end up as Jabba the Hut!

Even as someone who’s only seen the original trilogy – shameful I know –, I was well-aware that access to the models, costumes and artwork from these world-famous films was something very special. And the music and commentary from the included audio guides only served to add to the sense of awe.

We had a thoroughly entertaining time and would all highly recommend the exhibition, whether you fall into the category of super-fan or you’re just interested in what makes us who we are, you should certainly give it a go.

So, the moment you’ve been waiting for here’s how the team ended up looking species-wise.  Not a bad bunch and no Jabba – phew –, although I did score 5/5 on the neurotic personality scale!

After our morning of science fiction, we headed to London’s famous Covent Garden to watch one of our school groups perform in St Paul’s church, otherwise known as ‘The Actor’s Church’ – a one-of-a-kind concert venue with professional sound and lighting.

This particular group had a sizeable audience, thanks to the posters they put up in the church leading up to the trip and the impromptu busking session they put on, on the steps of the church during lunchtime – a real stroke of genius.

The church was electrified as soon as the choir struck up and the goose bumps on my arms told me we were in for a treat. We sat awe-struck through an Andrew Lloyd Webber medley, a touch of Michael Jackson and a Les Misérables tribute. It was undoubtedly a yes from me!

This performance experience completed the group’s three-day sightseeing tour with a ‘London Theatre Experience’ included. The smiles on the faces of the kids suggested they’ll be talking about performing in the heart of the West End for years to come.