Did you Know? Things you didn’t Realise about School Trips to Disneyland® Paris

When it comes to children’s holidays, there’s one destination that consistently tops wish lists across the continent – and it’s not without good reason. Disneyland® Paris is home to larger than life Characters, an iconic castle and to top it all off, some of Europe’s most exhilarating attractions. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular theme park.

But behind the scenes of this wonderland, there’s a few magical reasons that might make teachers want to visit, too.

From exclusive backstage access, to interviews with those responsible for creating the Magic of Disney®, here’s everything you need to know about what a school trip to Disneyland® Paris really entails. 

There’s a whole world of learning 

A common misconception amongst teachers is that Disneyland® Paris is simply a holiday destination; a place for children to let loose in a theme park. But while this is most often the case, there’s also a whole world of excitement to be had whilst learning valuable subject specific skills.

A school trip to Disneyland® Paris offers students the chance to learn about their chosen subjects in an entirely different environment. Through exclusive behind the scenes access, students can learn all about the inner workings of Disneyland® Paris directly from those who work there. With subject specific seminars, multimedia presentations, and live interviews and workshops, students can see just how far their subject reaches outside of the classroom at home. 

Students can take home fantastic case studies 

While you might not think it, a theme park is a fantastic place for students to see their classroom learnings in practice. Each experience they see around Disneyland® Paris can be taken home to use as a case study in any upcoming coursework and examinations.

For example, students studying STEM subjects, can learn all about the principles of engineering and design through roller coaster specific workshops, while those studying Health & Social Care will learn all about Disneyland® Paris’ approach to customer service, guest safety and accessibility.  

Media Studies students can also use the opportunity to see film and animation for a pre-roller coaster experience, and those studying Business will get to see the smooth running of a globally successful corporation. 

We’ll also arrange student assignment projects and educational resource packs that can be utilised once you’re back in the classroom.

It’s not all classroom-based 

Each Disneyland® Paris school trip also includes time to have fun in the Disney® Parks themselves. So, after learning about their chosen subject in the classroom, students will get the opportunity to experience the Disney® Parks too. 

You’ll be close to the action

Although most tour operators choose hotels far away from the Disney® Parks, when you book with Study Experiences, we’ll make sure that you’re staying close to the action. As a Disney preferred partner, we have access to carefully chosen Disney® Hotels that are all close to the Disney® Parks – and each offers an entirely unique stay that students can treasure.

Choose to stay in the Wild West themed Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, or the mountain-retreat style Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. Alternatively, B&B Hotel offers peaceful rooms within a short distance to the Disney® Parks.

And the price is pretty great too! 

At Study Experiences, we offer jam-packed itineraries filled with everything you and your students will need to have a memorable and inspiring learning experience – with our specialist team on hand to help throughout.

Prices for three-day trips start at just £255 per student and include travel and accommodation as well as your chosen seminar and access to the Disney® Parks.

Booking is simple 

Finally, booking with us couldn’t be simpler. Just get a quick quote, and a member of our specialist team will be in touch to discuss getting your Disneyland® Paris school trip off the ground.