Brexit - Update October 2019

As you are probably well aware, the UK has been granted an extension to remain in the European Union until 31 January 2020, with the option to leave before this date.

The Brexit extension provides certainty that people will be able to continue to travel to the European Union exactly as they do today, at least until the end of January 2020.

  • All current arrangements for travel will remain as they are
  • You will be able to move through UK ports and airports as usual, using the EU/EEA passport gates
  • You will still have access to state medical care in any EU country as long as you have an up to date European Health Insurance Card
  • You won’t need an International Driving Permit, and if you are taking your own car, you won’t need a Green Card for insurance 
  • All consumer rights and benefits from EU laws will also remain including airline compensation for cancellation or delays, and the ability to use your mobile phone abroad without additional charges.

Latest news for school groups travelling through the Port of Dover

Following a meeting last week at which the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit on school groups travelling through the Port of Dover was discussed, we have been given to understand that:

  • Dover Port Authorities believe checks at passport control on both sides will remain unchanged. Other than the need to have a minimum of 6 months validity on British passports there is no change to the paperwork required by passengers
  • Dover Port Authorities believe the volume of empty freight vehicles moving through the port, combined with the fact that a large proportion of freight using the port will be sent through large haulage companies who have made all the necessary contingency plans, should help reduce the risk of delay to passenger traffic
  • Dover Port Authorities have detailed contingency arrangements in place should delays arise as a result of additional checks to freight traffic. These include arrangements whereby, subject to where the group is waiting, either the ferry operator, Port of Dover or Highways Agency will assist with the provision of water, refreshment and access to toilets

To help make your journey as easy and stress-free as possible, we will be contacting those of our customers who are due to travel through the Port of Dover to remind them to check that every member of the group has a minimum of 6 months validity on their passport. We will also be recommending that groups take extra water and refreshments on the coach just in case waiting times should be a little longer than usual.

If the Government agrees a deal on or before 31 January 2020, the UK will enter a transition period and everything will continue to remain the same. Meaning you can continue to travel as you do now.

There is still a possibility that the UK could leave the EU at the end of January 2020 without a deal, so we will continue to monitor the information and guidance provided by travel industry experts, organisations like ABTA and the UK Government and pick out what we believe is relevant for you.

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