10 Educational Reasons to Visit Disneyland® Paris

Have you been to Disneyland® Paris? If so, you’ll be aware of the magic that awaits each and every visitor. And if you’ve never been, the fantastical stories that surround the Disney® name mean you’ll probably be in the know too.

But did you know that there’s also an entirely new experience to be had behind the scenes? One where students can learn about the inner workings of Disneyland® Paris, and take home first-hand findings for a different kind of case study back in the classroom

For those a little unsure of what an educational visit to Disneyland® Paris entails, this list should lend a hand in understanding why it’s a great choice for your next school trip.

1. Find out about the science behind the magic

Through exclusive backstage access, Study Experience students visiting Disneyland® Paris have the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of this world-class theme park. From finding out about the materials used to build each themed area, to learning about the Disney® Parks social media channels, there is plenty of interesting insight to be had by students of all kinds of subjects.

2. Learning out of the classroom can be more engaging

Taking your students out of the classroom is a proven way to get them more engaged with your subject matter – even more so when you’re taking them to Disneyland® Paris.

Here, seminars for all kinds of subjects are on offer – including maths, STEM, ICT and Health & Social Care. Each trip also carefully incorporates elements of the most popular curriculums to ensure that students’ learnings are in line with those from the classroom.

3. Speakers are on hand

With over 15,000 employees currently ensuring the smooth-running of Disneyland® Paris, it can be extremely useful for students to meet those responsible.

An educational visit to Disneyland® Paris incorporates live interviews and workshops with employees from all kinds of roles around the Disney® Parks. Students of a whole range of subjects can have the opportunity to hear about the inner workings of Disneyland® Paris first-hand, and ask any questions they might have. Meanwhile, students of Entrepreneurship and those looking for a career in the arts will get the chance to hear from an external speaker relative to their field.

4. You can choose your objectives

When it comes to school trips, we know just how difficult it can be for teachers to ensure that the learning objectives from their classroom continue to be met. That’s why, with educational experiences at Disneyland® Paris, you can choose exactly which learning objectives you’d like to include in your trip – and tailor your itinerary to meet them.

5. There’s fun to be had too

Each educational experience to Disneyland® Paris also allows students to have fun. From interactive workshops, to free time in the Disney® Parks, we understand exactly how important it is to ensure that both students and teachers thoroughly enjoy their trip, and get the chance to be a big kid in Disneyland® Paris for the day.

6. There are a whole range of subjects

At Disneyland® Paris there is plenty of opportunity for students of all kinds of subjects to learn during a school trip.

We can arrange school trips for students of Maths, ICT, STEM, A Career in the Arts, Business & Entrepreneurship, Media Studies, Business Studies, Design & Technology, Science and Health & Social Care.

7. You’re never far from the action

Our school trips make sure to include stays at Disney® Hotels that are as close to the action as possible. We believe that it’s important for students to see their subject matter, which is why each of our choices are within walking distance of the Disney® Parks.

Plus, Disneyland® Paris itself is close to the Paris city centre, meaning that trips here can easily be tagged onto those to the French capital.

8. In-Park activities and take home resources

As well as subject-specific seminars, our trips include interactive workshops, presentations and live interviews. We also arrange in-Park assignments, so that students are fully entertained from start to finish.

To continue the learning journey beyond the classroom, we make sure to provide take home resources for both students and teachers. It means that findings from Disneyland® Paris don’t have to stay in France, and can be carried on throughout the curriculum back at home.

9. Memories to last a lifetime

Once examinations are complete, and students begin to move onto their next steps, they can use what they’ve learnt at Disneyland® Paris to guide them along the way. Their time at the Disney® Parks will create memories to last a lifetime, and can help to play a key part in a child’s future.

10. There’s nothing like the Magic of Disney®

With 10 million visitors each year, Disneyland® Paris is one of the most popular theme parks in Europe. With all the magical attractions, each visit can bring an entirely new experience.

Taking a school trip to this iconic destination is not only valuable for educational purposes, but provides the perfect environment for your students to bond, grow in confidence and be themselves.

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