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Opening Times

Travel Insurance

Study Experiences is committed to ensuring that, in the unlikely event of any misfortune befalling a member of your group either prior to or during the tour, they will be able secure appropriate support with the minimum of fuss.


We therefore believe that travel insurance is not only to be recommended, but is absolutely essential. We make it a condition of booking that all passengers travelling overseas are adequately covered. However as many schools, teachers and students have their own annual cover we do not include a compulsory insurance charge in the price of our tours.


Our own travel insurance policy is arranged through Mondial Assistance (UK) Limited, which is part of the Allianz Group (the largest travel insurer in Europe). For those taking our policy, they will be covered from the moment we receive their premium payment. As with all insurance policies, an excess is deductible from some claims. If you take out the excess waiver insurance, then for an extra premium, any successful claims will be paid in full to you, and no excess will be deducted. If group members have their own travel insurance, details of their cover must be provided to Study Experiences.


To download a sample copy of our policy please click on Downloads & URLs.